Located at the SBF centre, our clinic lies in the heart of the Central Business District. The SBF centre is a 31-story building with 48 medical suites and 199 offices. Its strategic location makes it accessible to a large number of working professionals (estimated over 400,000) with over 15,500 residents in the area.

The SBF centre is equipped with modern facilities and a top-notch infrastructure. The medical floor covers a generous area of 68,082 sq ft. The medical lobby drop-off offers direct lift access to the top storey medical suites. You can also take the escalator to the 3rd floor.

Singapore's Orthopaedic and Hand MRI Imaging Center

Orthopaedic and Hand MRI are two of the most important imaging processes for diagnosing various orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions. MRIs of the limbs enable timely and accurate diagnosis for a wide variety of conditions such as tumours, injuries, and degeneration in muscles, nerves and bones.

MRI makes it different from other treatments, such as X-ray or CT scans. It uses magnetic resonance imaging technology which allows doctors to view areas otherwise hidden. Utilizing this technology, doctors can better understand the patient’s condition and provide them with more accurate treatment plans.

MRI services

MRI Hand

If your hands are giving you a lot of trouble, an MRI of the Hand may help. Using a powerful magnetic field, our Hand MRI allows you to see your Hand in ways that are

MRI Elbow

The pain and discomfort from an elbow injury can be debilitating. In order to get a proper diagnosis, an MRI of the elbow is used by our doctors. The machine uses

MRI Wrist

A broken wrist can feel like the end of the world. An MRI wrist is the answer to your wrist pain and discomfort. A simple yet life-saving surgery, an MRI wrist is a

MRI Knee

A knee MRI is a powerful way to diagnose and treat a wide range of knee conditions and symptoms. By using a powerful magnetic field, our doctor can find the cause of

MRI Ankle

If you're looking for a way to improve your ankle health, look no further than our MRI Ankle. Our innovative and effective MRI Ankle device uses a powerful magnetic field

MRI Foot

Do you suffer from foot pain? Do you have a hard time getting your feet to feel comfortable in your new, uncomfortable shoes? With an MRI of the foot, you can get a detailed

Why choose MRI?

MRIs can diagnose various orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions that may not be visible to the naked eye. In addition, this is a safe, non-invasive procedure that has been shown to be more effective than alternatives such as an X-ray or CT scan.

In particular, MRIs are more efficient in diagnosing conditions like tumours, injuries, and deterioration in muscles, nerves and bones. They also provide better images of the abnormalities present so that doctors can prescribe more accurate treatment plans. Additionally, they offer enhanced imaging capabilities over other technologies, and they are capable of providing detailed information about the patient’s condition.